One of the best parts of the modern world is the ease with
which people can pick up and get anywhere in the world.
I mean to take full advantage of this human privilege while
I'm around. While my teaching salary limits my abilitiy to
vacation extensively, my maven of a boyfriend is great at
finding us cheap ways to do it more often than the ordinary Joe.

Eventually I'd like to build this travel page into its own site for
fellow travelers, but for now, I'll keep it simple with a list of
places I've been and links to pictures.


Miami, FL

Washington, DC


New York City, NY

Sicily & Rome, Italy

Dallas, TX

Surfside & Charleston, SC

Denver, Colorado

Barcelona & Montserrat, Spain

The South of France

Brescia & Sienna, Italy

Mendocino County, CA

Washington, DC

Las Vegas, NV

Steamboat Springs, CO


Yachats, Oregon

Annecy, France

The South of France

Bordeaux, France

Paris, France

2001 (and before)

The South of France

Paris, France

Various US Cities & States