Labor Day at Bala and Lucrezia's house in Santa Rosa, California
Dancing girls at a bar in Mountain View, California
Golden Gate Bridge between San Franciso and Marin County, California
Stacy's Great Paternal Grandmother
Merry and Stacy visit a playground in Nice, France
Ken at Pinnacles National Monument in California
Christy and Micah in Phoenix, Arizona
The White brothers with their father, Stacy's grandpa John
Jazz at the Ft. Funston Beach near San Francisco, California


The digital camera has invaded my life in the past year. Since
buying one, there has been no limit to what I photograph. My
life has become an on-going, well-documented photo gallery.

My photo gallery is stored on where server
space is provided by my generous friend George Fairbanks.
This current page shows just a few examples from this site.

My wonderful Pentax Optio S digital camera takes all pictures,
save the ones from long ago that I had to scan.