Stacy and her parents in Tennessee
Stacy's mom and dad in Florida
Jazz at seven weeks
Jazz reclining on Stacy's bed
Stacy and Ken in Sedona, Arizona
Stacy and Ken in Central Park in New York City
Stacy with friends at Thanksgiving


My mother and father, Shirley and Jack Gregg,
are the best parents, and I'm not just saying that
because they are mine. They are two of the most
selfless, generous, and loving people I know, and not just
to me!

Besides my folks, I have many great relatives living in
Michigan, Colorado, and the south. Other than the
pictures you see here, more photos of my family are
available at

Jazz is the love of my life. He'll turn ten years old in
June and has been with me since my undergraduate
days at MSU! Jazz has been with me through every
high and low in my adult life, and I don't know how I
could have made it without him.
Other pictures of Jazz and dogs in my life are at also.

Ken is my boyfriend and best friend. I have the fortune
of sharing my time with somebody who knows me
completely and likes me just the same. Besides his
presence by my side, Ken is a thoughtful and smart guy.
Oh, and he's a rocket scientist too!

As for my friends, there are too many great people
to show here. However, as usual, you can see
pictures of all my pals